McDonald's and Business Owners



As an affiliated Women Owner Network member, Anderson Wealth Advisors partners with McDonald’s owners through sponsorship and speaking engagements at their events.




















We specialize in partnering with McDonald's owners and other business owners. From creating goals and a timeline while they are managing their restaurants  to the time after they sell or transfer the business and retire.


Important Planning Issues

What is your strategy and timeline to sell or transfer your business and then enjoy your hard earned retirement?

As an owner, do you have a partner? Is there a plan in place in the event that one of you dies?
How do you protect yourself in the event you need long term care in the future?

Key Employees

How do you retain your key people including your director of operations, or supervisors?
What retirement benefits can you carve out for only them and potentially deduct the benefits?
Other benefits that you can offer to all of your employees with a low overhead and time commitment


Volunteering at the Phoenix Ronald McDonald House Christmas event for the residents!